Welcome to Bangladesh Tourism Foundation

Bangladesh Tourism Foundation (BTF) is a non profit organization dedicated to contribute understanding, involvement and cooperation of tourism and make sustainability with economic, social and environmental components. Conservation and preservation of heritage, believes and thoughts are also the main target of BTF. It cares the industry practices, tourism resources and social and cultural inclusiveness. Alleviating poverty from the society along with establishing peace by the tourism activities are the main motto.

Major Points of Amman Declaration

Held in Amman, Jordan from 8-11 November 2000

Tourism is a fundamental human activity engaging social, cultural, religious, economic, educational, environmental, and political values and responsibilities.

Community livelihood should be enhanced and local cohesion encouraged and that all peoples and communities are recognized as being manifestations of a heritage.

Human differences are respected and cultural diversity celebrated, as a precious human asset and those peaceful relationships among all people be promoted and nurtured through sustainable tourism.

The preservation and wise use of the environment, and ecological balance, are essential to the future of tourism, and that ancient wisdoms of Indigenous Peoples and care for the Earth be acknowledged and respected.